Facilities Provided By The Foundation

The Foundation is one of the best retirement villages which is specially made for retired and aged people who get tired of their regular retirement life. There is a certain age for retirement which is usually 60 but sometimes, people get retired early so it depends on person to person. People who get retired early might have some health issues or they have other people to support them financially so they resign to their jobs and rest, but after some time, this rest becomes a nightmare because retired people have nothing else to do, even if they have some activities, these would be for a particular time, and the entire day cannot be spent with one or two activities. Some people realize early that the life after retirement is miserable so even if they have financial support, they keep working because they know after 60; they have to spend the rest of their lives getting bored. However, we understand how the retired people feel in their retirement life so we are here for them and we have created luxury retirement village especially for them where they can come and live the luxury and amazing life. Following are the facilities that we provide in our retirement villages. 


To live a luxury retirement village Auckland life, one has to reside in the village to avail all the facilities that we provide, therefore, we provide one of the best luxury apartments and house which has all the facilities that a retired person would need to provide them with a comfortable living and the retired people are always seeking comfort at this age.

Swimming pool:

Staying fit and healthy should be everyone’s priority whether it is a young person or an aged person. For the retired people, we have swimming pools in our retirement village in which people can go, not only they will get the benefit of swimming but they can also make their friends there which will make their swimming time more exciting and interesting.


No one likes to go to the gym but when you have nothing to do, the gym gets interesting too and when you have friends there, it is more exciting to work out with them. Working out is compulsory for everyone but when it comes to the retired people, it is extremely important for them because, at this age, it is important to stay fit and healthy otherwise, you would not be even able to move from your sofa or bed.

We provide many more facilities which will make your retirement life better. So get in touch with us and enjoy your retirement life to the fullest.